Online Proctoring

Data Integration through API

We provide fully customized workflow and API that integrates our solution with any third party that ensures data integration.

Our remote Proctoring services ensure the integrity of your important exams


Since there is no scope for cheating, we ensure credible exams



Your information is completely safe with us owing to our data security features



Our integrated platform enables to conduct exams on large scale


Detect cheating with 95% security with the help of our latest
Proctoring solutions

Photo Verification


Quick authentication via OTP

Live Proctoring

Live screenshots of the student are taken to avoid any discrepancy or cheating

Record & Review Proctoring

The session is recorded and reviewed by our team of experts diligently

Your data is completely safe with us!

Our Data Security features:

  • Secure Data Hosting on Amazon Web Services
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure authenticity of the examinee
  • Encrypted and authenticated data communication
  • Strong privacy policy to ensure there is no data leakage

Regulate The Examination Environment Effectively With Our Secure
Exam Browser


Browsers and Tabs

Search Engines and Other Websites

Print Screen

External Ports and Printing

Cut, Copy, Paste

Data Sharing

Why you should choose us for your online proctoring needs?

Robust Data Security

Data encryption, Secure Data Hosting, encrypted and authenticated data communication.

Real-time, Auto-Generated Reports

Detailed reports with candidate performance, videos and activity log

Smooth Candidate and Admin Experience

Hassle-free and seamless candidate experience at the examination platform

Anti-cheating features

Multi-layer candidate authentication with human proctoring

Minimal Process Intervention

No cross-platform data conversion is required

No Manual Error

There is no chance of manual error either in question papers or results

Dedicated Personal Account Manager

We are happy to help you!


Besides being accurate and quick, the procedure is cost-effective too